The innovation project Stadion Basin


The Stadion Basin is a floating, closed production unit in reinforced concrete for salmon farming.

The Concept

The facility will be located in sheltered waters, making use of  the excellent natural conditions in Norway. The concept represents a major innovation aimed at solving several challenges faced by the aquaculture industry relating to both fish health and the environment, as it will reduce or eliminate challenges involving space, salmon lice, fish escape, disease, and algae, in addition to helping identify better solutions for handling feed residue and waste products.


The design resembles an athletics stadium when seen from above, shaped as a semi-circle. The basin is designed for farming of salmon up to a biomass density of 50-75 kg/m3.  The facility includes systems for water circulation, oxygen addition, feeding, light control, sludge removal and a control and monitoring system. Water can be taken from varying depths and moved through the basin at variable speed, as the water level inside and outside of the basin is the same unnecessary consumption of energy is eliminated.


The unit has a central air filled section which provides buoyancy, storage and room for equipment. The unit also has an external air filled frame for buoyancy and stability, which also provides a walkway and working platform.

The basin is shaped as a quarter pipe with a diameter of 15 metres around the central section, this provides a constant cross-section profile. The central section is divided in sections which ensures the facility will stay afloat even if one is damaged.


The objective of the concept is to develop new technology for production of salmon, providing optimal conditions for the fish by means of control of water flow and water quality, and to fulfil new sustainability objectives by reducing or eliminating challenges involving space, salmon lice, fish escape, disease and algae. The plan is to collect the majority of sludge and organic waste, such as feed residue and faeces from the fish, and to make use of this as a resource.