About us

The Stadion Basin was developed by the companies Solinova AS and Vitamar AS. These companies founded Stadion Laks AS and applied for development concession with The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries and signed an agreement with the salmon farming company Lingalaks AS to construct the Stadion Basin development concessions.


The Vitamar company is owned by Bjørn Myrseth. He graduated as a master of biology in 1970. He is a fish farming pioneer and has worked with several species at least in Norway, Greece, Spain, Scotland, Chile, Thailand and Cambodia.


The Solinova company is owned by Knut Solberg. He graduated as a master of Chemical engineering in 1972. He worked with refining of oil and other petroleum related matters in Norway and abroad for many years before starting with fish farm development tasks. He initiated the Hywind project, the first offshore floating commercial scale windmill in the world.


Erlend Haugarvoll has a veterinary doctor degree in fish health and is CEO of the salmon farming company Lingalaks. He is experienced in development projects in the fish farming sector.

Kontakt: Knut Solberg | knut.solberg@stadionlaks.no | tlf 0047 91563925